How to Prioritize Yourself in the New Year

Today, most of us are fighting for time (and often losing). We’re juggling personal and professional lives, managing homes, and trying to accomplish everything on our “to do” list. When we finally decide to take some time for ourselves, we usually end up feeling guilty or like we’re not living up to our obligations.

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Put Yourself First – Prioritize & Plan

“To do two things at once is to do neither.”-Unknown

Managing our own time is something that we all struggle with. The key to success is to plan ahead and prioritize yourself like you would prioritize someone else. If an appointment with someone else comes up, you find a way to make it work and reschedule the meeting if necessary. This same mentality should be applied when scheduling ourselves.

What happens when you prioritize yourself with your planning? You’ll feel less stressed and more fulfilled. You’ll also be more productive at work because you’ll have more clarity on what you need to do.

Prioritizing yourself with your planning is a skill that takes practice but it is possible if you follow these three steps:

  1. Schedule time for yourself like you would someone else
  2. Don’t flake on yourself.
  3. Be consistent.

Be Intentional – Refresh & Recharge

“Intentional living is the art of making our own choices before others’ choices make us.” -Richie Norton

When you take time out of your work, you have an opportunity to refresh yourself. You are regaining energy to make sure you are able to be and work at your best. Even though the world is constantly demanding more and more, it is important for all human beings to take regular time off from work.

There are many ways in which you can recharge yourself. You can go on a vacation or take one day off during the week that is not connected with your job. You could also devote some time each day for activities that bring pleasure and joy, such as reading books or spending time with friends and family members.

These are a few questions to consider in order to stay on track in a sustainable way in a new year:

  • What are some of your goals or intentions for 2019?
  • How will you balance your work with personal life?
  • How will you enjoy the time off you have from work this year?