What Is Your Daily Affirmation?

Yes…YOU. What do you tell yourself on a daily basis to get yourself going and rooted in the mindset of positivity & success?

In a world of ever changing situations and people, we need a constant. At least for the season we are currently experiencing in this whirlwind we call life.

When my son was three, I had him start reciting a positive daily affirmation. Although it changes, it could go something like this…”I am smart, handsome, respectful and a child of God.” Short, sweet & to the point, right? In the beginning, it was something I had to remind him of. He would remember the words, but I had to initiate him saying it. However, when it became a norm, he would make sure we said it together before bed…every night. Then, I noticed he actually started to believe it. It became apart of his view of himself. He would say, “Mama, I am smart” or “I’m not cute, I’m handsome.” Either way, my gratification came from him believing and becoming aware of some of the most beautiful things about himself.

All that to say this…In the midst of me striving to set a foundation of self love and worth into my son, I lost sight of that for myself. The hustle and bustle of life, motherhood and all the other hats I wear distracted me from pouring into myself as well. Yes, I know my value, I work hard and I love myself as a person. However, it only takes seconds to set the tone of your day with intentional love and positivity.

Take a journey and embark on a challenge to positively affirm yourself consistently for 30 days and see how it impacts your life and mindset about yourself. It only takes a moment to speak life into yourself and turn your words into the reality you seek for yourself. Be kind to yourself, you deserve it.