Up, Up and AWAY…

As the clock ticks down for you to go back to school, how are you preparing yourself? Whether you a first-year undergrad student, or a veteran of this post-secondary world, this list of reminders will be beneficial as you prepare to cross the stage…again. We asked current students and graduates to share bits of advice for those returning to school. The responses were so great, we compiled a list of tips to ensure you get your year started on the right note.

1. Go to class. Apparently, this is really important. Although classes may look nothing like high school, in terms of size, you professors still notice who comes to class and who doesn’t.

2. Maintain a healthy balance between your academics and social life; too much of anything can be a detriment to your well-being and goals.

3. Take advantage of campus resources. Many campuses have services to help you with academics, transitioning to college, emotional wellness, etc. Use it! You’re paying for it.

4. Be aware of grade requirements for your major/minor BEFORE you register for a class. Some classes require certain grade minimums to stay enrolled or active in a program. Build a relationship with your advisor and trust their input.

5. Obtain and retain information regarding the campus academic calendar. At times, you can drop a class before it negatively impacts your GPA.

6. No money, Mo’ problems. Don’t jeopardize your financial assistance by not being aware of minimum credit hour requirements. Ensure you adhere and are aware of your course load at all times.

7. Exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. You have heard this your entire life. It works.

8. Do not post images of you partaking in illegal activity online. Better yet, refrain from partaking in illegal activity. Your reputation will thank you.

9. Get involved on campus, but don’t spread yourself too thin. Remember, you are trying to ultimately attain a degree while making lasting and meaningful memories.

10. ENJOY YOURSELF! You will meet so many new people, including yourself. The challenges you will overcome, personal growth and the friends you’ll make will surprise you. Embrace the change. If done correctly, college can be some of the best years of your life.